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FAQ & Questions


Do you release the images so I can print them on my own

Yes, all packages come with a print release to print all edited images once you've signed my terms and conditions contract. I will also give you recommendations on where to get your pictures printed. If you need me to take care of that, I can have them printed at printers lab costs.


Can I alter the images you give me 

No, Linda Wabals Photography owns all the images you receive and obtains the full rights to all the images. All images are Copyright of Linda Wabals Photography. Altering, filtering, editing, adding text or cropping any image in anyway is against Copyright laws. You may share your images on social media provided you credit or tag Linda Wabals Photography


How many photos do you take during a photo session

It varies per session, number of people, and the amount of time. I can take anywhere between 100 - 200 images in a 1 hour session. I choose the best images for you


Will I have access to the unedited images

No, you will find that it is an industry standard to not give out unedited or RAW images. This protects the rights and integrity of Linda Wabals Photography. Most of the unedited images are photos that may be blurred, eyes closed and or may not capture your good side.


How do I book with you

Just send me an email at or contact me here to book a session. There is a 25% non refundable retainer fee to book your date for any session payable by cash, check or Venmo. All payments must be received 10 days before any session begins.


How long does it take to get my photos

I give most of my clients the same timeline of 3 weeks to receive images. But most of the time images are ready in 1-2 weeks. Weddings typically take 4-6 weeks per the industry standard. No images or prints will be released until payment is made in full.


Where will my session take place

That is entirely up to you. Depending on the style of shoot you are looking for, if you have a special place or location in mind please let me know. 


Retainer payments can be made by check, cash or Venmo directly to me, Linda Wabals. All retainers must be made at time of booking and at least 10 days before scheduled session. If you would like to pay in full that is great. All balances must be paid in full and bank cleared at least 7 days before scheduled session. Session fees and all product orders are subject to 6% Florida state sales tax.  Shipping and handling fees may apply. Please be advised that pricing is subject to change at any time, but prices in effect at the time of your booking will always be honored.

Payments can be made by parents and or third parties. Please note the subjects of the photo's are the clients and the parents or third parties who pay, have no rights to change my contract or alter my terms.


Are there any other hidden fees - ( Yes, there can be )

All fees for your scheduled session are included in the price you are quoted on your contract.

** Please Note ** no changes can be made after the contract is signed. There is a $10.00 fee per person to add into your session that is not listed in your contract.  (ie) grand parents & siblings. 

**There may be travel fees associated depending on location and admission fees into paid museums or parks that are not included in the pricing of your session. Admission will be paid by the client to whom the contract is with for photographer and assistant photographer. This is negotiable.*


What if the forecast shows bad weather

Cloudy days make for great photographs. However if your session is clearly going to be rained out (weather showing 60% or more chance of rain) or too windy for a location we will work together to reschedule your session at the soonest possible time that is convenient for both you and the photographer. There are no fees to reschedule because of weather.


What if I need to reschedule

A 48 hour notice for any cancellation other then newborn and children's session. There is no fee to reschedule your session. If you need to cancel a session all together and not reschedule, the retainer fee paid to book the session is non-refundable. All reschedules must be rescheduled within 30 days of the original session date.


Pets are welcome in all photo sessions as long as they are leashed. The client is responsible and accepts all liability for any mishaps that may incur during the shoot such as biting - defecating - and misbehavior toward the photographer and photographers assistant. The client is also responsible and will be held liable for any damages from said pet to any photography equipment or props that are brought to the session. 

What should I wear

I recommend picking 2-3 colors and wearing coordinating colors and outfits. This photographs much better than matching outfits and everyone wearing the same color. 

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions start at the time scheduled, if you are late, this inconveniences everyone scheduled after your session. Try to be at least 15 minutes early so you are ready to be photographed during the time allotted for your session.

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